The Superstitious $2 Bill and Dickhead High on LSD

365 Writing Prompt


Writing Prompt: Are you superstitious?

I was never superstitious until I got this bizarre notion in my head about a $2 bill.

I picked my daughter up from school. She was middle school age at the time. She jumped into the passenger seat and showed me a $2 bill someone had given her.

“It’s good luck,” she said. “It will keep us safe.”

She put it in the glove box of my car.

She was now a high school graduate. One morning I attempted to wake her so she could drop my son at school, me at work and take my car to get errands done. She wouldn’t get up. Throughout her entire childhood it was a struggle to get her out of bed each morning. If waking her were a game show I would have won a cruise ship, a mansion and 47 dinette sets by then.

After three attempts I gave up.

It was 8:00 AM and my son and I left without her. We were stopped at a red light at the intersection of the block where we lived at the time.

We were singing along to the song on the radio when we were stunned with silence. I then heard my son yell, What the fuck.

I felt a calm. There was a stillness mixed in the air with the contents inside my car floating as if we’d been shaken up inside a snow globe. It felt like a significant stretch of time but in reality in was only seconds before I heard him yell Fuck, for a second time.

All I could think of was getting him out of the car. I went to open my door, but there was no time.

I turned my head and watched a silver SUV coming straight for my door. The vehicle swerved, tearing through the front end of my car. My eyes followed as I watched the SUV drive into the traffic light post.

We were hit three times. First from behind pushing my car out into the intersection where we were hit on both sides of the front end by cross traffic. When we were finally able to safely get out of the car I swung open my door, stood up and heaved all over the street.

My car was totaled. It was smashed beyond repair, but luckily my son and I weren’t.

The man in the vehicle that rear ended us sprung from his car and went running down the street. Thankfully for witnesses providing a description he was apprehended by police an hour later just three blocks south of where the accident occurred. He was dressed only in his underwear. He was drunk and high on LSD.

The police towed my car to their holding lot where insurance adjusters would spend the next few days examining it. After, I was able to retrieve our belongings.

My brain was scrambled the day of the accident. It was the first time I had been able to comprehend the damages. The front end was crushed. The trunk was in the backseat. The windows were smashed in and anything inside the dash was thrown about.

The driver and front passenger areas were the only areas that weren’t destroyed. The day of the accident I was frustrated with my daughter for not waking up. Now I was grateful she hadn’t or one of us would have been in the back seat where the trunk was.

My hands were shaking as I cleaned out the glove box. I found the $2 bill that had long been forgotten. She was right. It kept us safe.