Think Twice Before Yelling for the Impeachment of Trump

Please hear me out.

I’ve been very clear in my position, I don’t agree with Trump, but I support the Office of the President.

After the event’s of Charlottesville, VA, and his track record of not having a firm grip on what to do, people are leaving Trumps side right and left, literally and figuratively.

At least three house members have drawn up articles of Impeachment and,as of this writing, a recent poll has Trump within 6 senate votes away from this fate.

People from all across the country, state leaders, mayors, literally anyone who can reach a microphone or megaphone is screaming for this to happen.

As much as I dislike Trump, as much as I would prefer someone with better wisdom, and frankly at this point I’d settle for someone who can call a nazi a nazi and a racist a racist, I don’t know if this is the best direction for the country.

I know.. I know..

But let me explain.

If Donald Trump IS actually impeached, then take a hard look at who becomes our new President, Mike Pence.

President Mike Pence.

Those words make me terrified. I lived in Indiana the entire time he was governor, he ruined this state.

Let me remind you of his favorite phrase, he used it in every speech while in charge of Indiana.

‘The issues confronting our state are complex” He was over his head then, and is drowning now.

Let’s take a look at his highlights.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

This was started and signed by Pence. 
In short, this legally allowed businesses across Indiana to deny their services to anyone if they didn’t agree with their religious beliefs or if they felt the person was acting against their own religious beliefs.

This was a stupid stupid law.

We had businesses in the north denying the Amish entry into their store, we had hotels closing their doors to Muslims and the LGBTQ. Cake makers wouldn’t make cakes for weddings that weren’t man and woman. 
This reflects badly on our state, but it wasn’t a lot of people doing it, but enough to make the national news grab onto. It caused big conventions and major sporting events to back out of coming to our state, a loss of major revenue.

He signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a closed door ceremony [FOX 59, 3.26.15], throwing Indiana into a $250 million economic panic. — [The Advocate, 7.10.15]

The Food Stamp Program

This one is complicated so I hope I explain it properly.

Pence wanted to get the unemployment rate to record low levels.

His brilliant idea was to cut food stamp benefits for almost everyone. 
If you have less than 2 kids, are between the ages of 18–65, have no ‘severe’ disability (the list was ridiculous ), and are working less than 22 hours a week, you don’t qualify for Food Assistance anymore. You then had to spend 40 hours ( recorded in great detail) applying for work, not like you weren’t doing that anyway, in order to get 1/4 of what you had previously been getting, and you could only get that for 30 days per year.

I get that this motivated some people to get off their butts and go to work, but some people really needed that extra help to stay afloat. Some people can’t work 2 jobs, some people can’t work 40 hours a week.


Mike Pence LOVES talking about his Indiana roads.

Just come take a visit down here some time. The roads suck.

He sold our toll road to the chinese, Im not even kidding, our only toll road that runs from Ohio to Illinois was sold to a out of country company based in China.

We have a road that circles Indianapolis, 465. It’s a running joke, it’s been under construction for over 30 years with no end in sight.

The road that leads from my current town to Indianapolis has been under construction for about 5 years with an end date of 2022.

The roads are very poor in my state. City roads are just patched together, no matter the city, country roads are full of sinkholes and drop offs, and don’t even ask about the sidewalks of doom.

1,700 bridges deemed as structurally deficient [Federal Highway Administration] and $71 million of wasted faulty asphalt [Indianapolis Star, 9.21.15]


Oh this is just a circus of a mess.

Indianapolis is closing schools left and right, schools all over the state are falling apart, the ones in my own town are having to close due to flooding from burst pipes, no A/C, no heat, or the roof falls in.

The busses are a whole different matter. The system doesn’t have money to pay for new drivers or busses so the kids around here are stuck on the same bus for 4+ hours EACH RIDE. They get off at 3 and don’t get home till 7 or 8.

Teachers are getting laid off because the school has no money.

He denied the state an $80 million grant that could have helped create a statewide Pre-K system in favor of a pilot program in just a fraction of Indiana. — [Indianapolis Star, 10.16.14]

This is Pence at work.

Other Highlights

After state Republicans cut resources for health care clinics in rural Indiana in 2013, the state of Indiana saw the worst HIV outbreak in state history in 2015. — [USA Today, 4.28.15]

Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans repealed the common construction wage laws, allowing union worker wages to go down and the expanding the wage gap to grow in our state. — [NWI Times, 5.6.15]

An April 1 editorial from the IndyStar cites Pence’s 12 years in Congress — one of the most “partisan and dysfunctional” branches of government — as one of his greatest weaknesses. It doesn’t take a lot to see that the same rules don’t apply when you take over as the executive of an entire state.

In a recent revelation, Mike Pence is putting off giving a man wrongly convicted and proven innocent the pardon he has requested.

I know this isn’t going to be well received, but just take a few moments and think about this.

Trump is the President, but has he ACTUALLY gotten anything done other than making a whole lot of people angry?

Pence has the respect of the senate and house and he thinks just like Trump.

If you want Trump gone, think about who is replacing him.

A man who would be just like him, but with the power and respect to get all the things Trump wanted done.

Every. Last. Thing.

Pence would be worse.

Just my two cents.

Two cents from a man who lived under a Pence administration for far too long.

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