Value the flowers in your life for one day they will be taken and placed in heaven’s meadow

Myff on her wedding day 1999

I was in a bit of a mood this morning, less talkative than usual. I could feel a sadness at particular parts of the day. It was only when I got home that I realised it was the 5th anniversary of Myff’s departure from this planet.

Myfanwy was her name though she was Myff to us. I didn’t meet her until I was about 14. She became friends with older friends when they met at Senior High and she joined us at the numerous cafes of the town where we met after school, drunk tea and smoked.

She was tall and a good looker at 15 and had the eyes of most of the lads and I felt privileged that I was sitting at the same table. It take long before she hooked up with one of my close friends and that brought me more firmly into Myff’s life.

I played that role of shoulder to cry on when young love ran out. I didn’t mind as she was an attractive girl.

Myff was one of those people who, if you are lucky, graces your life. She was so affirming and had the ability to let you know she cared for you. In my life there are not a heap of people with who I felt totally comfortable, Myff was one such one.

One of the greatest truth’s I have learned about life is death cannot separate us from the love of another, love never dies. Tonight I told her via Facebook that I could see her in a green meadow with all the beautiful wild flowers and why because she was/ is one.

Not long after her passing Paul her husband told their story. I will leave you to read it on the following link.