“We cannot love to live, if we cannot bear to die.” William Penn

In the turning of the year we let go of 2017 and enter into a New day, a New Year, we welcome the day, we welcome 2018

At meeting this morning I was trying not to try anymore. I mean rather than think I was trying just to be present and allow the silence to permeate me and bring me to its depth.

Half an hour in a friend stood and spoke of the recent death of his mother. He found the words of William Penn spoke to his situation. (The words are in the link below)

The words that permeated me were as in the headline,

“We cannot love to live, if we cannot bear to die.”

Was it saying that until we fully embrace death we can’t fully live? That if we have a fear of death, which many of us do, we are inhibited from fully living life.

Death is a turning point in time from one state of being to another. Tonight, depending on your timezone, we will end this year and begin a new one. Of course every day that we awake we are being born again as yesterday falls off with the bedclothes.

The earth has regular patterns and it seems as earthlings so have we. We are conceived, carried, born, live, die and so it is with our lives on a daily and yearly basis.

Before psychology, humans had a need to start over and so rituals and routines were instituted as man sought to give meaning to life.

We are presented here with the opportunity to leave behind the not so good of 2017 and begin again as 2018 begins.

Let’s embrace the new. Best day, best 2018


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