What I’ve Learned from People Who Aren’t Assholes

365 Writing Prompt

Photo Credit: Me

Writing Prompt : Share a life experience others might relate to.

When I lived in the city I felt affected by the chaos, crime and violence. The road rage, ornery attitudes and walls built high enough to close ourselves off.

Living in Rural America has been an entirely dissimilar experience. For that, I am grateful. This is what I’ve learned from people who aren’t assholes.

  1. You can talk to people without fearing you’ll be shot.
  2. It’s actually not the standard norm to flip out like a psychopath in public places.
  3. Small communities have a strong sense of community.
  4. Eye contact.
  5. The meaning of hard work.
  6. The old saying, “give you the shirt off his back.” It’s a real thing.
  7. Being social opposed to self-righteous.
  8. Every fruit is pie worthy.
  9. Random people are capable of caring.
  10. I’m not an asshole.

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