What’s in the way, Is the Way

365 Photo Prompt By The Publication Hopes and Dreams for our Future — A Summer Solstice Anniversary Poem

photo credit: Jim Reeves
I keep my eyes above the traffic line. Risen. Keep my head straight. Allow my conscious self to remain in a free state.
I see the light. I see the way. I see hope. I rest easy, knowing I’ll always be able to cope.
I see the opening of the sky full of bright orange yellow color. I play my jam loud through the speakers, making me hollaaaaarrrrr!
That opening, way up ahead? That’s my path, I trust I am being led.
If I just keep going, I will never be stuck. My journey is full of surprises to keep me awestruck.
Although I may be moving at a snails pace in traffic, I trust the universe to be cartographic.
For it always has in the past, through some real life trauma. Though I’ve collapsed in tears, my aura stayed vulnerably strong, a life of ebb and flow, a grief and growth diorama.
No matter what’s in the way I see, I will keep following the path towards that beauty. The darkness and inconveniences in the way? I’ll drive through that shit. I wont stay.
Unstoppable and totally a Fierce Force
5 years to the day,
Since my divorce.


“What’s in the Way, is the way” Fierce Readers — you have seen this line with me before. When I sat with 500 people and Eckhart Tolle said these words after hearing an audience memeber’s terribly tramatic story, everyone gasped. He turned her hardship story into love and beauty. What a gift to be there. I love this line because it’s truth. “What’s in the way is the way.” No going around it, must go through it. May we all have a lifetime of walking through what’s in our way with grace and love and support and presence. This photo by Jim emulates this sentimate perfectly. As soon as I saw it I knew my theme for this prompt.

Stay Fierce my Friends.

*cartographic — relating to or making the use of maps of charts.
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