Where’s the fake news for the AHCA?

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A place for nonsense following a sincere Classical Sass post:

While the pompous, imperious Senator’s hide from the world, twiddling their fingers, devising the secret evil plan to screw the young, the old, the poor and the oblivious among us with their new health care plan, what are we to do?

Take a lesson from our Tea Party brethren perhaps?

Why not shout to the rafters about “Conservative Medicaid Death Panels” for millions, or “All Americans must eat their government-mandated allotment of Kale”? Maybe “Medicare will be rolled back from 67 to 99.999 years?”

Lord knows, kicking 24 million off insurance while raising rates for private insurance, while providing giant tax breaks for the richest doesn’t phase them, so what might hit home?

No one yet knows what the senators are actually cooking up, so why not add a little spicy propaganda to get the Party’rs riled up? Tell them it’s another socialist conspiracy, that the Rooskies snuck their trained earwigs into Mitch and Donny’s ears?

I don’t know. Just spit-balling here…ideas?

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