Why I Never Say No To Difficult

Victoria Corriere
Feb 2, 2019 · 3 min read

“Now you’re going to call in the guy, right?”

I can’t tell you how many times my neighbor asked me that question.

To his credit, I did get a quote from Home Depot. But the bid for demo and installation was north of steep.

And there would be additional surprises the estimator didn’t know about. So I could count on extra charges along the way.

So instead, like any self-respecting DIY geek… I dug right in.

About 800 square feet over four rooms would be transformed.

Let’s say goodbye to that old and dated flooring that had seen better days. And welcome a beautiful, new, modern oasis.

Courtesy of little ol’ me.

That’s right. One little girl.

Old enough to be someone’s gramma. (But not anyone’s actual gramma.)

And apparently… insane. 😲

First up — demo.

The home improvement shows are right!

Demo is also tedious… exhausting… and messy beyond your wildest imagination.

Like you’d expect, the carpet and padding came up easy-peasy. Though I still can’t figure out how all that dirt gets under the rug, but doesn’t come back up with the vacuum. Gross!

Still… one section down.

“Hey, I’m doing this!”

The slate tiles in the kitchen popped up quickly too.

But the concrete-board underlayment was a different story.

Why the contractor decided there had to be a nail every few inches remains a mystery.

A slow, dirty, small-chunk-at-a-time mystery.

On to the banged-up oak planks in the living room.

I pried. I scraped. I swept. And cleaned. Then scraped and swept and cleaned some more.

A bookcase had to be removed, painted, re-assembled and re-secured.

Don’t let anyone tell you this was one project. It was about twenty sub- and side-projects on top of the main task.

But eventually, with demo over, it was time for construction.

And right on cue…

“Now you’re going to call in the guy, right?”

Onward I forged into yet another unknown abyss.

If you’ve ever installed a laminate floor, you know you can’t just take the next piece out of the box and snap it into place.

Some pieces work better next to others. Some don’t. You end up with several boxes open and pieces scattered about.

And laminate requires a special cutting blade.

I think I went through five of them.

Along with the entire CSI Miami series.

With all the planks down, you’d think the finish line was near. But no… baseboards and quarter-round had to be cut, painted, and installed.

And I’m one of those weirdos who caulks the joints.

All of them.

Time-consuming, yes.

Also, totally worth it.

I have to say… to see my friends’ reactions proved to be a spectacular bonus.

The greatest satisfaction though was succeeding at the unthinkable.

So… even if you don’t know what you’re doing, do it anyway. You’ll figure it out along the way.

And the pride of that accomplishment is the real reward.

P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome today!! ❤️

Hopes & Dreams

Dream and Exceed!

Victoria Corriere

Written by

just a girl hanging at the lake… learning to code again… down the rabbit hole that is blockchain and bitcoin. 😎❤️ https://victoriacorriere.com

Hopes & Dreams

Dream and Exceed!

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