Will Theresa May be resigning as UK prime minister in the morning?

Support for the Liberal Democrats, near St Peter’s Church, St Albans, Herts. England

It is 23 04 hours here in the UK and just over an hour ago the polling stations closed.

After the 10 strikes of Big Ben, the chime of the exit polls struck louder than all predicting that the Conservatives, the current governing party, led by the Prime Minister Theresa May, would not win an overall majority. If the exit poll is accurate Britain is headed to a coalition government though the question is which parties will be in government. It may well mean the Conservatives are not the governing party.

I do get very excited on General Elections. I equate it to how I have seen others get on Cup Final day.

Just before the close of business today I said to the departing, “ Don’t be surprised if Theresa May resigns by 7 in the morning.”

The exit poll predicts that the Conservatives will lose 17 seats and Labour will gain 34.

That would be an incredible result for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, the Bernie Sanders of UK politics. He was vilified by the press, sabotaged at times by his own MPs and yet in this last weeks, a surge of energy has transmitted from him pulling vast crowds to his rallies and sending out a positive alternative to Theresa May.

Over the last few weeks, I have taken photos of how England does elections. Not surprisingly the flag of support for your party blends in like a temporary tree in the garden.

So for the moment enjoy the gardens as the results start to come in and by morning we will know the outcome of this extraordinary UK election.

Support for the Green Party in a City centre street
Support for Labour in London Colney, Herts
St Albans blue skies supporting Tory blue conservatives