The Language I speak you will not understand.

We do not have a tongue in both senses of your word. We speak through what approximates your nose. This allows us to speak politely with our mouth‵s full.

I believe that might be a joke?

It is good that you have developed sufficient technology to make up for your lack of development. It means that I can, slowly, communicate with you from this object called a ‵keyboard‵?.

Yes it is true we do look somewhat like a Manatee. It is sad to see the regression of your planet has affected our fore-brothers/sisters/kin. Sad too they lose their ability to speak as we do and evolutionarily needed to develop a tongue and become aquatic. Though given the quality of your air?, maybe it makes some sense.


No- We‵re not interested in conquering. No challenge in that.

No- You have plundered the resources of the planet to such a degree that selling it for scrap wouldn‵t pay for the effort.


We have come with a cure to your common woe.

The price is to name what woe we speak.

The price of failure is to be told what woe it is and to know you had a chance to cure it.