YAY Sports! ?

I enjoy sports, probably less than the average man, but I still enjoy them.

Recently, ESPN announced that they would be bringing their College Gameday broadcast to my town
This is the first time they have come to Bloomington and to be honest, I am dreading it. Espn predicts that with their broadcast, a season opener, plus the added draw of Ohio being the opponent, an additional 40,000 people will be in town.

Traffic sucks as is, I don’t need an additional headache of 40,000 people who don’t know how to get around, can’t figure out one way roads, don’t understand speed limits, and don’t use turn signals.

Let me remind you, I deliver papers for a living currently. I have a solid second interview for a second job monday, but nothing set in stone. The day of the game I will be delivering the paper, driving my usual 40 miles all over town and through downtown. I deliver to hotels, stores, gas stations, hospitals, the schools, and certain homes. Imagine the excess traffic of lost folk, plus the roads that will be shut down for ESPN.

I get that its a great thing for the town, big boost for the community, but man I am not looking forward to it.


I enjoy sitting back and watching a game. Honestly it doesn’t matter the sport these days.

I used to only watch Notre Dame, IU, and Colts Football, Cubs baseball, Pacers basketball, Nascar races, the olympics, and whatever local games I could go to for free.

Now, I will watch almost anything, nothing is off limits. I enjoy sports, I don’t really have a team anymore, I still enjoy watching the cubs.

If you didn’t love this, you aren’t human.

Football is anyone's game for me, I was a diehard Colts fan, but they have cut or lost so many of the players I knew that I don’t even recognize the team anymore.

I found that I was more a Peyton Manning fan than I was a Colts fan.

The man is a football genius.

Say what you will about Tom Brady, but Manning will always be better in my book.

Basketball is fun to watch, fast paced, but complicated to me sometimes.

I don’t know much about soccer, rugby, hockey, or really anything else… I just enjoy watching.

Rules are what get me. I can understand Nascar because the ruling is simple, it’s all safety and engineering related. F1 and Indycar confuse me, they have so many rules for blocking and boosting.

Football took me a little while, but I understood it. I don’t understand what they hell the announcers say half the time, and don’t you dare ask me what a flea flicker is.

Soccer, rugby, and hockey. These I just can’t understand the rules fully. I even played soccer for four years in school! I was a goalie, simple rules, don’t let the ball get past you and if you catch it put it on a line and kick it.

Baseball and softball I really enjoy watching and playing these. there is something about smashing a ball with a bat that I just enjoy. The rules seem basic right? Ok, well I get lost when the batter hits a ball and it goes up or fouls and it seems like he can hit it four hundred times, yet the next guy can do the same thing and its called as a strike, three and out bub.

The olympics are probably my favorite. Winter or summer, doesn't matter to me. Bobsled, swimming, rowing, snowboarding, fencing, volleyball, archery ( my favorite), curling, track and field, hockey, surfing, speed skating, skiing, cycling, the list goes on and on. It’s the best mash of sports in one place with so many people, the tv coverage may suck..Nbc you bastards.. but its so great.

There is something so simple and great about sports. They have been around since basically forever. A good amount of sports began as work, archery was hunting, fencing was fighting etc etc. We don’t need tablets, phones, or fancy computers to play them, even though we go right back to them to analyze ourselves. It’s a great way to play with others and just enjoy ourselves and the outdoors.

Forget the advertisements, videogames can’t replace them, go outside and have some real fun.