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Letter sent on Oct 4, 2017

You Are Loved

The Wrap Up- Episode Six

Hi All,

I wasn’t certain I would get to writing up the newsletter today. I’ve struggled a great deal this week with depression and I found myself forcing my way through each day. This is a normal bounce back for me after coming down from a manic episode. I knew I had to put this together though. It’s your stories that have kept me going. I thank you for that.


We have several awesome projects going on.

The Writer’s Mutual Support Group has started and is lifting off. If you’re interested in joining you can read the details here.

We’re four days into the October Write Once Every Day Challenge. It’s not too late to get started. If you’re interested in participating you can read the details here.

I’ve had an amazing response for the collaborative promotional ebook. If you’re interested in joining in you can read the details here.

Partner Program Stories:

Fierce Force 💃🏼, The Saddest Letter I’ll Never Send

Brian Brewington, Negative People Are a Cancer to Your Happiness

Erika Sauter, In 1429 Joan of Arc Led an Army of 4,000 Men and in 2017 We Have Feminists

Dan Belmont, Archived Items, An e-mail short story

Steve B Howard, My Guru the Ax Murder (A Haibun)

If you’re a writer or follower of the publication and would like one of your Partner Program stories featured in the newsletter each week please email me by Tuesday at 4:00 PM- Small Town, Iowa time.

October Write Once Every Day Challenge:

Beth Stormont, Where is Autumn

Karen Booth, Why You Should Take Part in the October Daily Writing Challenge

Dan Belmont, Emergency Measures

Gordie Jackson, The Hot Drink


Belinda, Mourning the Music

One Tongue Johnny, What Does True Love Really Mean

Sanika Tillway, Things I Wish I Had Said to You

Fierce Force 💃🏼, Making Love

Bridgette Adu-Wadier, Unworthy Words

Sam Frybyte, The Robe Project- 49 (Unstaged)

Monika Prey, Autumn is on the Horrison

If you’d like to read a review on my most liked books and novels I’ve recently read for research you can do so on my Patreon site. Here is a photo of Viktor after I read him a bedtime story.

I’ve also began publishing flash fiction if you’d like to check it out!

Until next week…

Love and gratitude,