You’ll be missed, will you?

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At ‘The Clock’ we are forever saying “Hi” and “Bye” to people. Today was another day to say “Bye”. I am usually the last to sort the gift though when it seemed everything was becoming last minute I rose from my seat and found a card shop.

When I found the card shop I became more generous that normal grabbing a balloon and a mug. Yes, a mug, well I enjoy drinking hot drinks from a mug and count it a good leaving present for someone starting a new job.

I will tell what motivated this usually ‘unmotivated for buying cards or gifts’, (though happy to drop some cash in a brown envelope) the person.

I found the person, who was leaving, always cheerful, happy to laugh and make the occasional coffee at the end of the day.

She always left you feeling better than you were before she came in.That is about being a gift to people by encouraging them and helping them to see the positives when the negatives dominate.

Do anyone of us want to pass through life without making some impression other than a carbon footprint? I do.

Now here is what could be considered a morbid confession. A grew in a culture where is someone died in your street everyone closed their curtains on the day of your funeral and most of the street would attend it. There were occasions when they would process from your home to the graveyard Cars and pedestrians would stop as a mark of respect. The size of your funeral determined the size of your ‘spiritual footprint’.

I attended funerals and wakes as a young child and determined that the best way you could know how many people loved you would be to think about who would be at your funeral ( I told you morbid). Instead of counting sheep in bed I would often name and count the people I believed would be at my funeral and strange as it sounds it brought me comfort.

I am sure others have done this yet no one has ever said it to me though then I have never said it either until writing it here now.

I too often hear people say, “ No one will miss me.” The only antidote, although I never say it, is, “ Live life in such a way that others will remember you for your kindness; a laugh, a coffee, an encouragement.

Kindness does not take much but its impact is huge and in some cases, like today, it is known to move grown men off their behinds and go delightfully crazy in a card shop.


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