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HOPRound the World Results

As part of the HOPR token launch, the HOPR Association held an online global event on the 24th of February. In addition to AMAs and other events with local communities, we ran the HOPRound the World contest with a combined prize pool of 110,000 HOPR tokens and a trip to HOPR’s home country of Switzerland and Jungfrau, the mountain which gives the latest HOPR release its name.


At each of our ten global hops, we asked you to tweet the answer to a quiz question about HOPR or Jungfrau and posed a harder puzzle on our forum. Each winning answer was worth 5,000 HOPR tokens.

There was also an overarching puzzle to find the secret eleventh destination, which turned out to be Lacus Spei (The Lake of Hope) on the moon!

On our forum, the winners for each destination were the first correct answer received in the question thread. On Twitter, winners were selected at random. The procedure was that we scraped the tweets by hashtag, deleted duplicate entries and wrong / late answers, and then used a random number generator to select the winners.

The table below shows the 19 winners (two clever forum winners managed to win twice).

We’ve gathered addresses for all of the forum winners and most of the Twitter winners. We’re still waiting to hear back from some of the winners on Twitter. If we couldn’t send you a direct message, we replied directly to your winning tweet from the official HOPR account (@hoprnet).

We’re aware of an issue where some people can’t send direct messages on Twitter due to privacy settings. If you’re a winner but can’t respond, please contact our gamemaster TheWanderingEditor on the HOPR forum.

If we don’t hear back from people before 14:00 CET on March 15th, we will select new winners for those destinations.

Prizes will be sent out as soon as we have gathered all addresses. Prizes will be sent as wrapped HOPR tokens on xDAI chain (wxHOPR). For information on how to convert between the different types of HOPR token, please see this post.

The Grand Prize

We had over ten thousand entries throughout the day, but there could only be one grand prize winner!

In addition to the ten destinations, there were as a secret eleventh hop, clues to which were concealed in the previous puzzles and the geocoordinate metadata for each destination.

The full solution can be found here.

The secret destination was Lacus Spei (Lake of Hope) on the moon. The selenographic coordinates were 43.0 N, 65.0 E.

Congratulations to forum user Lapin, who wins 10,000 HOPR tokens and (when things are less COVID-y) a trip to Switzerland, the HOPR office, and the wonderful Jungfrau which gave our latest HOPR release its name.

The contest is now closed, but you can still see the videos and quiz questions on our website at hoprnet.org/win

The full forum challenges can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun, and we look forward to running another contest soon!

Rik Krieger,
HOPR Co-founder




The HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata privacy for every type of data exchange, while introducing the first-ever open incentivized mixnet, where users earn tokens for running nodes.

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Rik Krieger

Rik Krieger

Rik Krieger is Co-Founder at HOPR, holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich and has extensive experiences in Business-Development

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