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Introducing Our Incentivized Testnet on xDAI: HOPR Säntis

At 2,501.9 metres above sea level, Säntis is a Swiss mountain offering views of six countries from the summit!


The latest iteration of our testnet is codenamed Säntis, after a mountain in HOPR’s home country of Switzerland. Säntis rises 2,503m above sea level and provides glorious panoramic views over six countries. (Although not as impressive as the HOPR network, which has HOPR Hardware Nodes running in 32 different countries worldwide, on 5 continents.)


We’re going to be using a new token to power this testnet: xHOPR.

xDAI Chain

The testnet token is called xHOPR because Säntis is secured by the xDAI Chain.

Cover Traffic

The goal of this testnet is to test some of the key features that will make the HOPR network private, secure, and efficient. We need to make sure that user data and metadata are secure when transmitted across the network, and that relayers are properly incentivized for helping data hop to its destination.

Getting Started with Säntis

To participate in the testnet and start earning xHOPR, simply head to https://saentis.hoprnet.org and follow the instructions. You can also head to our docs for more detailed instructions.

What Next?

The launch of the Säntis incentivized testnet is just the first in a huge range of features we’ve got lined up for the next month.



The HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata privacy for every type of data exchange, while introducing the first-ever open incentivized mixnet, where users earn tokens for running nodes.

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