NuLeaf Tech

In the face of global issues like water scarcity, we can often find answers from the natural world. NuLeaf Tech takes inspiration from nature to build innovative water treatment solutions with the potential to relieve water pain from craft brewers to rural communities.

Effective water treatment is primarily available at scale. These inflexible, expensive solutions are unacceptable from a humanitarian perspective and largely restricts the privilege of wealth from recycled water to the rich.

As an alternative, we are a startup from the Bay Area which offers water treatment & recycling on a small scale with expandable units. Naturally occurring plants and microbes powerfully treat dirty water and create reusable water, bioenergy, and a source of crops!

The key to the utility of the system is modularity. As my cofounder Ari Ochoa said: “Normally you spend millions on a treatment system that can treat ‘x’ amount, once you surpass that, you need to shell out even more money for a new system”.

Our system, called NuTrees can not only treat water at any scale, but expansion is easy and cheap.

We are a DIY group turned startup. Graduated from the accelerator RebelBio and funded by SOSVentures. Our major milestones to date include patent pending status for a US patent and agreements from Scottish brewery Jaw Brew and Silicon Valley brewery Steel Bonnet to implement pilot systems.

Our stated goal is: “…to take biotech and biomimicry to greater heights to impact our infrastructure and cities”

Jimi Hardee, our VP of Digital Marketing says that water scarcity is an issue that affects people from all walks all life, It isn’t specific to any one region or industry, so we feel the technology has the potential to not only disrupt the global water treatment market but also to help people across the world for whom scarcity is an everyday problem.

-Rachel Major, Jimi Hardee and Ronnie Miller

Rachel is the co-Founder and CEO, who holds degrees in biology and chemistry from Drexel University, and a certificate in management from Stanford University.

Ronnie — Ronnie is currently studying mathematics and environmental earth sciences. Her interests are sustainable architecture and clean energy solutions. She has worked a at a medical school as a research and surgical assistant.

Jimi — Jimi has a background in business management and computer science. His interests include programming and emerging technologies. Jimi is passionate turning good ideas into working businesses so we can work find creative solutions to complex, global issues.

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