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Hord Development Update 7

Audit Update + Orders on Testnet

Your host Bart is joined by Nikola, Miljan, Milan and Mohammed again this week to bring you an update on the progress of the app. Lots of interesting updates on the audit, the app and the progress. Thanks for tuning in again!


  • Certik has started the audit
  • Expected date of audit completion: November 29
  • Smart contracts still being improved
  • Main focus: application integration
  • Working on hPool dashboard
  • All order types working on testnet
  • Goal is end-to-end test app in 3 weeks (no promise)
  • Game-changing surprise coming monday


  • Contracts and back-end integrated orders (stop-loss, limit order)
  • Showcasing working order transactions on Ropsten testnet (Ethereum)

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The most powerful and fully decentralized crypto ETF platform. Hord paves the way for the democratization of Assets Under Management and accelerates the move to DeFi from traditional finance.




Social. decentralized. Innovative. V1 coming soon

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Bart Rovers

Bart Rovers

Head of Marketing at Hord.App

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