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$HORD Token Economy

The deflationary token economy of Hord.App is built around the $HORD token. Here’s how it’s going to work in a nutshell:

There’s a number of mechanisms in place that drive the $HORD token economy. The first of which is based on hPools (the ETFs or “token baskets” that are central to the Hord App). Every hPool needs to hold at least 1% in $HORD token. This means that more funds, equals more TVL, equals more $HORD locked, and thus, lower supply.

All activity on the Hord App comes with fees, and since all fees can be paid for in HORD token with a 20% discount, they create an enormous demand for the token.

Whenever a Champion starts a new hPool, only a limited amount of funds can be supplied to that pool by followers. This means that there will be a run on the hPools when they go live, and not everyone that wants to join an hPool can do so. This creates demand for the hPools on the orderbook DEX.

That secondary market is a major driver of the $HORD token economy. The high demand and low supply of hPools will create incredible volume. What brings even more volume is the fact that it saves a lot of gas to trade hPools on the DEX instead of redeeming them.

But the real beauty is this: for every fee that is paid on the Hord App, HORD tokens are being burned forever! That’s right: $HORD is a deflationary asset that has huge demand, but ever diminishing supply. The more the app is used, the more tokens are being burned.

To give you an idea of how many $HORD can be burned in a year we give you a few example projections. These are based off of current DeFi products like UniSwap and the DPI ETF Token.

Here we see that with a TVL of $100,000,000 there’s already $7,250,000 tokens burned in a year, and at least $1,000,000 in $HORD is locked in hPools. It is also clearly visible that a higher TVL causes a higher volume and more redemptions, which increase the token burn rate significantly. This creates a flywheel that should increase the value of $HORD as the platform grows.

With $HORD’s amazing utility and deflationary token economy it is the perfect token to drive the Hord App. Go to hord.app/token to learn more today.

Website: Hord.App
Twitter: twitter.com/HordApp
Telegram: t.me/hord_app
Announcements: t.me/hordnews
Github: github.com/hord




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