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Hord x ChainPort Partnership

What is ChainPort?

Simply put ChainPort is “The Bridge that Leads to Every Blockchain”. ChainPort is designed to solve the issues of current blockchain bridges by creating a simple, user-friendly, and permissionless platform for people to move their funds between different blockchains.

The primary benefit of using ChainPort’s bridge is its extremely easy-to-use interactive interface. Chainport’s interface always keeps their users in the loop on the status of their blockchain to blockchain token transfer in real-time. ChainPort’s straightforward and interactive interface make for a stress-free blockchain bridge.

ChainPort is one of the first permissionless listing blockchain bridges in the space. Its permissionless nature allows teams or DAOs to easily use the many blockchain bridges (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and others) ChainPort has to offer without needing permission from any entity.

What does the partnership entail?

The deep partnership and close collaboration between Hord and Chainport will allow for truly blockchain-agnostic portfolios and hPools on Hord.App. This means that every hPool creator (be it a champion, a DAO, or Hord themselves) will eventually be able to add coins and tokens from every blockchain without having to think about it.

They simply select the coin or token they want to include, and Hord and ChainPort do the rest in the background.

Major USP for Hord

This development is one of the main things that will set Hord apart from the competition. We believe the future of crypto is blockchain agnostic and providing end-users with a solution that is easy, affordable and fun to use is our mission at Hord. We believe this is a major step towards that goal.

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