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Pre-Mainnet Staking on BSC

Rewarding 300,000 HORD in 30 days

Pre-Mainnet Staking

We are very happy to deploy the final stage of our Pre-Mainnet Staking later this week!

The program rewards 600,000 HORD over 100 days and is deployed in several stages. The final stage before launch has now been reached and this time it will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain.

In this final stage the remaining 300,000 HORD tokens will be distributed during a period of 30 days.

HORD tokens need to be staked for a minimum of 10 days and early withdrawal will be penalized. Encompassing this penalty feature will benefit long-term holders since the staking rewards of early withdrawers will be re-added to the rewards pool!

Porting HORD Tokens

If you are currently HODLing HORD ERC-20 tokens you will need to port them to BSC using app.chainport.io. A step-by-step tutorial on how to port will follow soon.


We understand that this move might bring up a lot of questions. As always our community managers are here to help on Telegram.

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