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HORDE: A new DeFi project that even an army of undead couldn’t stop.

While it seems like every day a new crypto project is popping up offering 8000% returns for life, none of them are delivering on that promise for the long term. HORDE was created with sustainability and equality in mind. No whitelist. No pump and dump. No unsustainable APR. No gimmicks, just results and a lot to offer! Feeless ecosystem? Check. NFTs? Got ’em. P2E game? Coming up. Zombies and brains? ALL-DAY.

So what is HORDE? And what makes it different from other DeFi projects? 🧟

The hype for HORDE had been building for weeks and finally on March 21st and 22nd people were able buy-in! There was no whitelist for this project but there was a public presale on the 21st and a public fair launch on the 22nd. The following three weeks proved HORDE was worth all the hype! Before we talk about the presale, launch, and what has happened since let’s cover some basics.

HORDE is a DeFi protocol that offers a 1% daily reward on Plots purchased with HORDE tokens. At the time of writing, the price per HORDE token is between $99-$112 and it takes 10 tokens to create a plot. This might sound similar to other projects in DeFi, but here is where HORDE is different: Plots decay and only give rewards for 300 days before being “overrun by zombies” giving holders a 300% ROI. This decay function helps make HORDE sustainable, by not offering infinite rewards on a singular plot. This mechanic helps supply a steady stream of funds as buyers will need to buy new plots as older ones expire.

There are many key differences with HORDE when compared to other projects in the DeFi space. A big standout is the fact that there wasn’t a whitelist for this project, so no one is making 10x what other buys are. Another differentiator in HORDE’s DNA is that there was no founder allocation at launch. The team at HORDE isn’t holding thousands of tokens to dump and cash out when the price goes up. They are invested in the project in the same way as everyone else and are committed to seeing it succeed for the long term.

HORDE seeks to offer long-term returns through a protocol developed from scratch, no cut and paste code here. So many projects are just forks (copies) of existing projects, just with a different name and graphics, and fail to address issues faced by projects in the DeFi space. Two of the big issues with other projects in the DeFi space are they tend to reward very early adopters with a price that skyrockets, that in turn causes a massive sell-off that drains the liquidity of the project, and the claims of lifetime rewards are only for an asset that is dropping in price over the long term. HORDE looks to solve these issues through its’ unique protocol that can maintain its price within a predetermined range while adding to liquidity at the same time. This means that the price stays stable and it is a level playing field for everyone.

Claiming and buying HORDE is feeless and there is only a 10% sell tax that works in conjunction with the stable price to prohibit swing trading. For more info on how the protocol works check out the SOULS PAPER or the HORDE Discord. The protocol runs on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) keeping gas fees to a minimum. 👍

March 21, 2022: HORDE Presale: SOLD OUT IN 28 MINUTES!

The HORDE presale kicked off on March 21st and was a huge success! During the presale, users were able to buy pHORDE tokens for $500 BUSD that were redeemable for 1 plot at launch the following day. This was a roughly 50% discount as the price per token after launch was projected to hit $95-$105. The pHORDE tokens are limited to a supply of 1500 tokens and only 1 token can be redeemed per wallet. These measures helped limit users from buying hundreds of pHORDE tokens and giving them an unfair advantage over future buyers. The presale went off without a hitch and all 1500 pHORDE tokens were claimed in just 28 minutes! The money from the presale seeded over $750,000 into the liquidity of the project. Everyone left presale pumped and primed for launch the following day!

March 22, 2022: LAUNCH DAY!🚀

Launch day was March 22nd and it went spectacularly. It was a fair open launch and pricing for HORDE tokens started at $10 BUSD. The launch was done on HORDE’s dapp and through its dex, Souls Swap. Several anti-bot measures were in place to ensure a fair launch, including a 300 coin limit on purchases. The team had told buyers before on Discord that the price would escalate quickly, and they were not joking! Buying was fast and furious and the price shot up to $100 in under 2 minutes even with buy orders failing due to the fast-rising price and slippage settings being too low.

Launch day not only was the first day to buy HORDE tokens but also the launch of the HORDE dapp and Souls Swap the dapp’s built-in dex. On the dapp presale pHORDE tokens bought at presale can be converted to plots and HORDE tokens can be bought, sold, and turned into Plots.

HORDE dapp dashboard

Souls Swap interface

Over the next 64 hours over 2600 plots would be created and the treasury would grow to almost $200K…and that was just the first 3 days. Oh yeah, and the protocol worked exactly as promised, maintaining the price per token between $95-$105.

Since the launch of HORDE, several milestones have been reached. The Treasury and Liquidity have increased to over $500K and $1.2M respectively. The first 2 polls to decide where the treasury is to be invested were conducted on March 26th and March 31st.

April 1st, NFT Scene Announcement

On April 1st the first details on the HORDE NFT scenes were released! The community was so excited to see what the team had cooked up. There will be 3 NFTs that increase rewards when attached to a plot. The NFTs do not decay like plots do and when minted they will be sellable through the HORDE dapp. The NFTs add between 5%-15% to the daily rewards for the plot they are attached to and will have future utility once the HORDE P2E game is launched. A plot without an NFT produces 0.1 HORDE daily, but with an NFT they produce 0.105–0.115 HORDE daily depending on the NFT applied. There will be batches of 500 NFT’s of each scene available that can be purchased with HORDE tokens. The NFT batches will be released in stages, as the ecosystem grows, more can be introduced but always ensuring a finite supply.

Wasteland Cabin — 5% boost- Cost: 3 HORDE

Wasteland Cabin NFT scene

Search & Rescue — 10% boost- Cost: 5.5 HORDE

Search and Rescue NFT scene

Church Square — 15% boost- Cost: 7.5 HORDE

Church Square NFT scene


On March 10th the team dropped an announcement that a price increase was imminent. That’s right, a DeFi project that goes up in price after 3 weeks instead of searching for a new all-time low! On April 12th the price range for HORDE, which was bound between $95-$105, went up 6.66%! The new price bound range for HORDE tokens is $99-$112! The price will continue to increase over time as long as the protocol can sustain its long-term goal.


HORDE’s online community is second to none. If you have spent any time in a DeFi project’s Discord or on their Telegram you know that these can be dismal places. They can be filled with people upset with the project’s current state and the developers and founders are nowhere to be found. You might find people asking questions getting shamed or called a 🤡. HORDE’s Discord is the complete opposite in almost every way. You will always find people who are happy to be there, there is always a founder (or five) online and a team of moderators ready, able, and willing to answer any question that comes through. It is an oasis of memes and emojis in a desert of Discords filled with FUD. Don’t believe me? Go check it out!

Join the HORDE Discord Server!

Horde is a new approach to a DaaS protocol, paying daily rewards which will be stabilized in a liquidity management…

What’s Next for HORDE

At the time of writing over 4400 plots have been created, the Discord is growing adding more channels and features, the dapp has had 4 updates, including an amazing rewards calculator made by a talented member of the HORDE community, the CERTIK AUDIT is in process and that is just the beginning. There is tons of stuff still on the roadmap including:

Q2- 2022

  • Souls Paper 2.0
  • Website revamp

Q3- 2022

  • Game Launch
  • Additional NFTs and more!

HORDE is a dynamic and innovative project that has accomplished amazing things in a short amount of time. The future is bright and the roadmap is clear. For more info check out the Website, Discord, and follow HORDE on Twitter!

This article has been written by a Horde community member (Tony Collazo)



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