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Horizen Labs Reveals Ownership of Bored Ape #6709 — Purchased for 100 ETH

We are excited to reveal that Horizen Labs is the new owner of the Astronaut Bored Ape #6709 purchased for 100ETH, roughly $420,000 USD at the time of purchase.

Shortly after the BAYC team announced our partnership on Twitter, we bought our ape to show our support of the inspiring movement within the NFT space in which the BAYC team and community play a crucial role.

Source: https://www.theboredapegazette.com/

“We are thrilled to be part of the BAYC community and look forward to participating in multiple ways, including bringing new products and services to the ecosystem to make it more diverse and robust.”

- Dean Steinbeck, Co-founder and President of Horizen Labs.

Horizen Labs is dedicated to offering the best-in-class tools and services that enable the deployment and development of web3 products. Joining the Bored Ape Yacht Club signals Horizen Labs’ increasingly leading role in the tokenization space with multiple upcoming partner fungible and non-fungible token releases.

“This purchase is a sign of our strong partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club and our growing role in developing the Web3 space. When determining which Bored Ape to purchase, the Astronaut Bored Ape #6709 stood out to us. It is a signal that we are ready to go to the moon together with the BAYC community, the Horizen community, and all our other partners.”

- Rob Viglione, Co-founder and CEO of Horizen Labs.

Some of these future token releases include the highly anticipated ape token, as well as Horizen’s Zenny token and Zenny NFTs. Horizen Labs is the founding team and the core engineering powerhouse behind Horizen, the public blockchain ecosystem that is on the verge of releasing its own tokenization platform.

About Horizen Labs

Horizen Labs is a leading web 3.0 and crypto-first developer that builds blockchain products and tools at the heart of the decentralization revolution. They are leaders in zero-knowledge cryptography, key Web3 tools, and services that enable the development of programmable blockchains and products. They are also the core engineering and development powerhouse behind Horizen — the cross-chain ecosystem with the largest and most secure public blockchain infrastructures. Horizen Labs is in partnership with many key players in the blockchain space, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Celsius Network, Dash, IOTA, Symbiont, and Hedera Hashgraph.

For more information, visit horizenlabs.io



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