Horizon Robotics and SK Telecom Signed Cooperation Agreement on Jointly Developing Korean and Global Markets

Horizon Team
Nov 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Horizon Robotics and SK Telecom, Korea’s largest telecommunications company, have recently reached a cooperative agreement on promoting cooperation in the field of smart retail and will jointly develop Korean and global markets.

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In September this year, Horizon Robotics was invited to participate in IoT Korea Exhibition 2018, Korea’s largest international exhibition on the Internet of Things, and jointly demonstrated smart retail solutions with SK Telecom. At the exhibition, Horizon Robotics exhibited a series of commercialized AI products and solutions, such as Sunrise Processor and High Definition Intelligent Face Recognition Camera, presenting to global technology professionals its AI product matrix with AI chip as its core and multi-level solutions for smart retail scenarios. The formal signing of this agreement also moves the cooperation between the two companies towards a more profound strategic level.

Under the current industrial environment, one of the important challenges that the retail industry faces during intelligent transformation is that how to mine, translate and process a large amount of potential offline data so that it can enhance customer experience and optimize business services.
Horizon Robotics Smart Retail Platform combines AI with IoT and reshapes the whole business with the concept of service design, which enables retail managers to know exactly the arrival of customers and the popularity of goods. Through data analysis, retail managers can conduct scientific store operations and precise customer marketing. Starting from upgrading the shopping environment and shopping experience, the platform satisfies customers’ core demands in consumption upgrading, offers retail managers multi-level optimization solutions on customer experience and enterprise operations, and helps retail enterprises to establish collaborative linkages among “people”, “goods”, and “places”.

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The Value Logics and Implementation Path of Horizon Robotics Smart Retail Solution

Horizon Smart Retail Eco-Partners now cover shopping malls, brand stores, home life stores, supermarkets, automobile dealerships stores, bookstores, and other business. At present, Horizon Robotics’ partners in the field of smart retail include Belle International, Yonghui Superstores, Longfor Group, JIC Bookstore, Kappa, etc.
Kai Yu, the founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics, said that Smart Retail is both an important scenario for Horizon Robotics AI technology and an important strategic direction of the company in the future. Not only does Horizon Robotics provide retailers with hardware products, but also comprehensively empowers partners with a complete set of AI-product solutions, based on its “Edge + Algorithm + Cloud” strategy.
SK Telecom believes that 5G+AI is the inevitable trend of the Internet of Things. SK Telecom attaches great importance to the cooperation with Horizon Robotics, which holds leading embedded AI technologies. In the future, they will promote cooperation in the field of smart retail to develop Korean and global markets.
SK Telecom is a technology enterprise with leading technologies and market advantages in Korea. Business insiders commented that the cooperation of SK Telecom and Horizon Robotics in the field of the Internet of Things brings huge imagination to the future market.

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