It’s Not How You Start — It’s How You Finish (sort of)

I love the energy you feel when you walk into a startup incubator…there is a buzz in the environment as each young company exudes confidence and hopes that their product will be the next big thing. It is a constant wellspring of hope as failures are pushed out to make room for the next ambitious entrepreneur to step in — full of hope.

Similarly, hope springs eternal in athletics. Each season every team begins with a clean slate and the same record, full of hope that this will be the breakout year. Coaches and fans alike know that this will be the year they make a bowl, get to the dance, win the National Championship or World Series. New coaching staffs see a future full of hope as they bring in THEIR recruits to change a struggling program. Ultimately it is how we finish that defines us, not how we start, but we must not discount the influence hope has in shaping our actions.

It is hope that paints a better future. It is hope that brings us together and ignites us to action. As leaders we must leverage the power of hope to encourage our followers to pursue the extraordinary.

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