Horizon State strikes strategic partnership to empower millions in Indonesia

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2018 — Horizon State, a company leveraging Blockchain to revolutionize community empowerment, today announced its strategic partnership with Dr. Marzuki Usman, a leading economist, and international FinTech firms — MorganDe Vere and MCV-CAP to provide Blockchain-powered services to the people of Indonesia.

Delegation at the summit in Singapore.

The parties held a joint planning summit, concluding with a ceremonial event for signing the partnership outline at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

Dr. Usman, former chairman of the Jakarta Stock Exchange, who has also held several ministerial positions in Indonesian governments, has heralded the partnership as a significant step forward in promoting citizen engagement through the adoption of new technology services for promoting pluralism and participation.

Speaking from Singapore, Dr. Usman said the strategic partnership confirms Indonesia as a rising giant for adoption of Blockchain technology to deliver important services to improve the well-being of its people.

“I am extremely pleased to have signed an agreement today with Horizon State and MorganDe Vere. Together we will bring new opportunity to the people of Sumatra with cutting edge Blockchain technology,” he said.

The partnership outlines a commitment to provide digital services that promote greater equality and prosperity for communities, through the delivery of systems that enable members to participate in the decision-making processes on the matters that affect them.

The Horizon State platform is expected to be implemented and rolled-out in multiple stages during 2018, with the benefits of decentralized systems made available to the people of Indonesia.

Residents will benefit from access to additional cutting-edge applications provided through partnerships and integrated into the Horizon State eco-system.

MCV-CAP will be the first partner to integrate services on the Horizon State platform, providing smart wallet technology and digital banking facilities, bringing equality through access to affordable financial vehicles to large populations.

Horizon State chief executive officer, Oren Alazraki, and chief technology officer, Nimo Naamani, said the partnership solidifies the company’s position as a pioneer in the digital community enablement space.

Speaking from Singapore, Alazraki confirmed the potential of the opportunity, “This pilot enables us to address issues of accessibility to services and community engagement for the people of Indonesia.”

“We are already seeing a rapid surge of interest in our platform by organizations for engaging members in meaningful dialogue to improve organizational performance through improved decision-making and accountability,” Alazraki said.