Are you Well-Architected ?

Vinu Kumar
Aug 5 · 3 min read
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Digital Disruption, Emerging Technologies and Agility has drastically changed the way businesses operate. Businesses are increasingly trying to provide a superior and seamless experience to their digital customers, and thus improving their bottom line.

Digital initiatives are central to most EA and technology innovation leaders’ plans. Scaling digital in any enterprise is a team sport; that means, EA and technology innovation leader, will have to work with other IT leaders, business unit leaders and CIO to deliver the critical business outcomes for organisation needs to be successful.

EA and technology innovation leader are constantly under pressure to support delivery efforts, select future-state technologies, and vet the fitness and value of existing assets.

Too much focus upon solution delivery, and new technologies results in an overly engineered architecture with sub-optimal outcomes. So, what does sub optimal architecture look like? Following dimensions should allow you to identify if you are running a sub optimal architecture.

  • Does not solve business problems and focuses on niche technologies.
  • It is monolithic and tightly coupled; an architecture that does not scale well or is very costly to scale.
  • A micro-services architecture design which is over-engineered and is not economical.
  • Incorrect use and application of technologies to achieve a practical business outcome.
  • Inaccurate application of DevOps and DevSecOps practices resulting in technical debt.
  • Inadequate end-end automation testing frameworks, security frameworks, and governance.
  • Needs downtime for each deployment and upgrade, frustrating your customers when they cannot access the service during outages.
  • An architecture that does not meet the timelines of the insight team and is difficult to extend with new data sources.
  • Data privacy is often an afterthought.

These challenges represent an opportunity for businesses to improve their technology architecture. While ‘perfect architecture’ will be different for each customer, one of the ways is to make sure your technology architecture is in line with recommendations of the ‘Well Architected Framework’ approach recommended by Azure, AWS or GCP.

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Fig 1: Well Architected

Figure 1 shows few components of a Well Architected Cloud, namely Security, Efficient Operations, Performance and Scalability resulting in cost optimisations.

How can HorizonX help?

Contact us for a consultation to book a time with our Chief Technology Office to start the technology architecture review assessment.

In the assessment, we will break down your architecture using ‘Well Architected Framework’ approach. We will help you identify the current state, identify the gap between current and ‘Well Architected’ target state. And provide you with an executive report and implementation plan to close the gap.

Contact us to learn how we can help with architecture review assessment that will move your business towards ‘Well Architected Framework’ approach. Take the first step now to fix your overly engineered architecture.

About Us

Our expert consultants and leadership team have deep industry experience and knowledge (ranging from operating in roles as Executives through to CTOs).

HorizonX is a born in the cloud 21st century business driven by technology specialists. We are a team of passionate, expert and customer-obsessed practitioners, focusing on innovation and invention on our customer’s behalf.

Our approach to delivering value to our customers is based on trust and transparency. Trust is not a “default” and needs to be earned, and we are proud to work on deserving it!


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