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Are you Well-Architected ?

  • Does not solve business problems and focuses on niche technologies.
  • It is monolithic and tightly coupled; an architecture that does not scale well or is very costly to scale.
  • A micro-services architecture design which is over-engineered and is not economical.
  • Incorrect use and application of technologies to achieve a practical business outcome.
  • Inaccurate application of DevOps and DevSecOps practices resulting in technical debt.
  • Inadequate end-end automation testing frameworks, security frameworks, and governance.
  • Needs downtime for each deployment and upgrade, frustrating your customers when they cannot access the service during outages.
  • An architecture that does not meet the timelines of the insight team and is difficult to extend with new data sources.
  • Data privacy is often an afterthought.
Fig 1: Well Architected



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