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Connected Data in an Enterprise

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Companies large and small are interested in building machine learning and AI-based systems to help customers and everyday users. But little do they realise they have so much data within the organisation to improve day to day activity of every individual within the corporate world.

What kind of data is present?

Let's take the example of an IT organisation involved in selling their product & supporting them. Each department within this organisation, starting from HR, finance, sales, IT engineering & business teams and CXO’s use different disparate systems and interact with them every day.

Now let’s connect these data:

Suddenly the organisation has the capability to draw out insights and do more with the data which otherwise isn’t more than reports.

Sales and account executives can get meaningful insights on customers, how the systems are used and what more can they do to provide value.

The engineer will have a knowledge base to support the customer.

HR will have insights on the performance of engineers and provide them with further support or training

CXO’s will have access to resource utilisation, profit analysis and other corporate insights in real-time.

In future posts, we’ll see an example of how a data platform will enable real-time reports into a BI tool

At HorizonX (http://www.horizonx.com.au) we work with enterprises and help them realise the data potentials within and outside the organisation.

Originally published at medium.com on September 5, 2018.




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Vinu Kumar

Vinu Kumar

Chief Technologist at HorizonX, Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer, Google Cloud Certified Architect, Consultant

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