Practice makes perfect

Today marks the first day of formal training for Horlu. Each day, we will show photographs to Horlu to teach her what makes a good photograph.

It only takes a split second for a designer to decide of an image is good. It will take a good deal longer to explains what makes a good photo. To train Horlu, we have to articulate the tacit to put in place the parameters for Horlu to learn from. Over time, we expect Horlu to become increasingly proficient at telling apart the good from the bad and the well-composed from the unfocused ones.

This process is going to be a long and sometimes frustrating one, but we believe practice makes perfect and every feedback makes Horlu a better assistant for thousands of users.

Please follow the “Horlu Updates” tag on Medium or the #HorluUpdates hash tag on Twitter to get the latest updates on Horlu’s progress!

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