Keeping Party Members in the Loop

Today was my first day at Labour Party Conference 2018, representing Hornsey and Wood Green constituents. My nine fellow delegates and I have travelled up to the beautiful Liverpool to make sure that Haringey’s needs are heard and feed through into party policy.


This conference feels particularly important. Labour is a government-in-waiting, and what we decide and achieve over the next few days will lay the groundwork for the next year of fighting government cuts, austerity, and inequality.

In pre-party conference meetings, Hornsey and Wood Green members prioritised three key issues:

These are just some of H&WG residents’ concerns we’ll be fighting for over the next few days.

I got involved with the Labour Party because I am convinced that transparency and communication is the foundation of good politics, and only through adopting and fully utilising the digital tools at our disposal can we achieve the engagement needed to legitimise democratic processes. The Labour Party holds transparency and accountability at its heart, and embracing digital communication makes this easier to achieve than ever before.

As part of this ongoing process, we’re going to be reporting every day on what’s been going on at party conference. Our members vote on the delegates we send to each conference, and they vote on the motions we send to each conference — but that seems to be where the involvement ends for many CLPs, save a solitary report back a month after the event finishes.

Meeting with Sadiq at the Young Labour rally today

This year, you’re going to hear from each of the H&WG delegates as conference unfolds. We’ll be summarising the events of conference and documenting what we are doing to ensure the needs of the residents of Hornsey and Wood Green are heard and prioritised.

If you want to stay up to date with us, follow up on Medium and Twitter. If you have any concerns or any other issues you’d like H&WG representatives to pursue over this party conference, comment below!

You can find out more about our manifesto and what’s going on in Hornsey and Wood Green on our new website.



Local and listening. Offering a positive vision for Hornsey and Wood Green.

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