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See, Hear, And Speak No Evil…A Broken Code

A tale of a tale

See, Hear, and speak no evil/by Laura Knapke/Medium.com Grey background with a brown leather book with an embossed emblem on the front.
Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

Crayton finished his croissant wiping the butter from his mouth and hands before taking his coffee to go. He loves this quaint small town in Massachusetts that he has decided to retire to.

As he walks out of the coffee shop, he decides to go window shopping. There are so many shops to see.




Horror Hounds is the creepiest new publication on Medium. Terrifying short fiction. Non-fiction discussion and analyzation on everything relating to horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy.

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Laura Knapke

Laura Knapke

I write Hot and Spicy Erotica, Twisted Tales of Horror, Self-help, and other non-fiction.

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