[Archived] We’re hiring! — Laravel Developer

Reilly Chase
Nov 1, 2019 · 2 min read

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Thank you to everyone who applied! We will follow up with everyone soon.

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About HostiFi

We’re a cloud managed hosting provider specifically for Ubiquiti software. We are currently managing over 600 UniFi and UNMS Linux application servers. HostiFi was launched as a side project by Reilly Chase in May 2018, and he left his job as a Security Analyst to work full-time on it in January 2019.

In April, HostiFi raised a seed round from Earnest Capital. We hired our first employee, Safwan Shaikh, in September 2019 as a Technical Support Engineer. Reilly has been posting monthly updates, and blogs about building the business at https://rchase.com.

We are looking for a Laravel developer to work directly with Reilly on finishing the new HostiFi website that he is writing using Laravel Forge, Spark, and Horizon. This person will hopefully go on to help us build a small development team to launch additional features and SaaS products for our customers in the future.


Software Engineer


  • Strong Laravel experience required — Eloquent, Queues, Jobs, Redis, Laravel Horizon, Testing, Mail, File Storage, Migrations, Task Scheduling
  • Strong experience with git required — first project will be setting up a dev/staging/live environment and creating a dev process for merging code from multiple developers (you and Reilly)
  • Strong Linux experience required — Ubuntu or Debian
  • Laravel Spark experience preferred
  • Laravel Forge experience preferred
  • Laravel Envoyer experience preferred
  • Python experience preferred
  • VueJS experience preferred


  • Work with Reilly to finish the new Laravel Spark HostiFi website — automating common support tasks that Safwan is currently providing for our customers manually by creating features in the user dashboard for server SSL install, SSH user authentication, changing server locations, and more
  • Develop strong processes for security, git, tests, and standards that we can eventually build a team of developers around
  • After launching the new website, we can work on new features, bug fixes and additional SaaS products


100% Remote

Why Apply?

  • Work from home, or anywhere
  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Learn how to build a SaaS business
  • Reimbursement for home office expenses
  • Build software people love using 😍


#UniFi and #UNMS cloud hosting

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