Hosts recommend hosts!

By joining Hostogether’s referral program, hosts have their properties being promoted also by other hosts:

· Email newsletters from hosts to their friends and guests
· Social media sharing between hosts (amplification)
· Personal recommendations
· Alternatives suggestions

Hosts that join Hostogether referral program will also share and promote other hosts’ properties and earn from that.

Here are some examples on how Hostogether hosts can generate more bookings to each other:
1. Hosts in other locations feature your property in the Hostogether newsletter they send to their friends and guests. They click and go directly to your Hostogether property website, where they can book;
2. Host in your location have guests they cannot welcome because their properties are fully booked. Your property will be recommended to these guests, who will probably book with you;
3. You launch a new special offer in social media. Other hosts will share that promotion and amplify the reach of your campaign for new guests to find you and book with you.

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