How to host the perfect Juneteenth Celebration

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Juneteenth might be a new celebration for you, or it may be the umpteenth time you’re celebrating! Either way, we want to make sure to provide you with all the tips to make your celebration a success.

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Our team curated a list to help you get started with the event — but we encourage you to learn more about the holiday and be authentic in how you celebrate the occasion.

Before the Party

1.🏡 Decide on the location

Depending on where you’re located, quarantine might have stricter or looser requirements. Keep that in mind as you plan!

Virtual: We all know Zoom — but consider hosting a party on Houseparty, Instagram Live, or Facebook Messenger Rooms/Live.

In-Person: Make sure you have a place that is good for social distancing. We recommend local parks, or small gatherings at a friend or family’s home.

2. ✉️Create your invitation

Keep it simple! You’ll have lots to share during the event. Make sure to include the date, location, and anything you want your guests to know beforehand.

We created a simple template for you to create your own event here!

For an an easy place to collect RSVP’s and host the information, check out Commsor.

3. 🏓 Decide on the vibe, and come up with a few activities your guest can enjoy!

Would your guests enjoy a more casual setting for reflection and conversation? Would you like it to be a time for games or a movie? Maybe a combination to support all your guests?

Come up with a game plan, and then create activities that support it. Some of our favorites are:


Play Spades:

Black Card Revoked:


Organize an in-person or virtual Netflix Party. We recommend one of these movies:

4.🍴 Figure out the food

One of the foundations of Juneteenth is the food. We recommend either catering food — to save you the hassle of cooking everything, or organizing a potluck!

Order from a local black-owned restaurant:

Make it yourself:

  • If you choose to do a potluck, PerfectPotluck is a great tool to help you streamline who is bringing what! Be sure to consider the dietary restrictions of your guests and have a few options that work for everyone.


This is our sample menu to help you get started:

During the Celebration

1. 👐 Have everyone be part of it

A festive addition to the event is to come up with a theme. Given that the event is centered around Juneteenth, you could have guests come in the representative diaspora colors (red, black, or green) — or dressed in clothing from a black-owned seller.

2. 🎈Decorate, decorate, decorate

On that note — decorations will bring everything together, even if your guests forget to wear their colors.

Balloons and hints of colors red, black, and green thrown around the room are the perfect addition.

If you’re doing a virtual celebration, consider having everyone use a black-themed background.

3. 📖 Reflection

Take time to reflect with guests and express gratitude for the black community. You can do this with a toast, reading the Emancipation Proclamation, or make it part of one of the activities!

4. 🎵Music

It wouldn’t be a party without the right music! Consider streaming one of these playlists:

5. 📸Document the moment

Have fun and take pictures! If you post to social media, hashtag #juneteenth2020, #hellacreative, #blacklivesmatter, and #blackjoymatters. And if you choose, tag us as well (@hostowambe)!

Planning another event for yourself, close friends, or family? Feel free to check out the planners on Hostowambe and let us know how we can help!



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