How to have HOT Fun with Clothespins on National Zipper Day!

In honor of this day I’m going to share how to use a ‘zipper’ on your lover (not like Ben Stiller in, There’s Something About Mary, but close!)

Dr. Ruth tweets out cute things to do on National Days @askdrruth. (Remember her?)

For the history of the zipper, (that went through names like, ‘The Clasp Locker’), read more here.

In the BDSM World there is a term, zipper. It’s a zipper made out of clothespins. It’s inexpensive, fun and you can adhere it anywhere on the body, and then, pull off with the thread all at once like a zipper!


Will it cause pain? Of course! But you can put it anywhere on the body and have fun with it. You can spend your day working up to it. Buy the clothes pins, write things on them about your lover with markers, decorate them, or have your lover decorate them for the big zipper event!

After the clothespins are read, you’ll thread them. This can be done as a fun project together or seductively as you slowly pick up the project throughout the day, days, or even weeks, telling them what you’re looking forward to doing to them with the zipper. The little sadist in you just may enjoy turning your lover on and even frightening your lover with the build up. If you’re the one being zippered, well it can be equally fun being taunted — or heck — taunt back and make your own zipper!

However you do this together, it should be agreed upon by both of you. You can create an entire night and scene building up to your zipper experience. You can even put the clothes pins on decoratively to create a design.

Some safety and advice about clothespins. Yes they pinch the body and the longer they are kept on and pulled off more it will hurt. I recommend easing into it and playing with the clothes pins together at first. Put one on each other, snap them and slap them with your fingers and hands. Pull them off. See how it feels. It will smart for sure. Ask each other how it feels. If you’ve never done anything like this, do it on the meaty parts of the body like thighs, forearms or the booty. These areas won’t hurt as bad and it will still be fun placing your clothespins and pulling them off one by one like a zipper with the string that you’ve stringed through them.

Here’s the instructions for how to make a human body zipper night. Remember — doing new things together increases the dopamine in your system — the passion hormone.


  1. T hread the string through the middle of the clothespins one at a time tying knots as you go for each one.
  2. Once the string is through one pin, knot it so that the string makes the pin stay in one place.
  3. Important note: It might take more than one knot to be certain that they will not move, depending on the string that you choose. You might also want to use super glue to make the bonds even tighter.
  4. Take the next length of string and attach the next clothespin. Keep going!
  5. You can use as many clothespins as you like, though it can help to start with about four to seven as these will give you a good zipper effect.​

In time, you can make longer zipper strings, helping to extend the experience and the pins can then be placed on more parts on your lover’s body.

Have fun with this new form of play, and let me know how it goes!