Print Your #SmallThanks Google Reviews into Posters

Kevin Druckenbrod
Aug 25, 2017 · 3 min read

Google has launched a new way to promote your local business with your best Google reviews from customers. Named Small Thanks with Google, this simple platform allows you to generate a variety of posters to showcase your best Google reviews. Presently, it’s only available for US-based businesses.

For local businesses, reviews and ratings are extremely important ranking factors that such engines such as Google take into consideration when displaying results.

  • 92% of consumers take time to read business online reviews
  • 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as receiving a personal recommendations from friends or family.

Potential customers want to see positive reviews to help influence their decision making because it assuages any purchase anxiety. At Primo Print, we offer our short-run posters for only $1 with no minimum purchase.

How to Create Your #SmallThanks Poster

Google has made the process very easy. Below are the steps to get your reviews printed.


Next, you’ll want to enter your business name and select the results when it appears.

Once you’ve selected your business, Google will generate one of your Google Reviews with a random poster option layout and color options. You can also click “or customize your own” to view additional reviews to select from.

Google will populate additional reviews. You’ll have the option to choose from two layouts; single review or three review layout. I like how Google gives you this options, making it easy to really highlight your reviews.

Once you have selected the poster’s style and color, click next, and your poster will be automatically generated. You’ll download a zip file which includes all the files for printing. Also, Google makes it easy for oyou to share your poster on Google +, Facebook and Twitter. It’s another great way to promote your business and positive reviews.

If you look closely at the bottom of the page, there is a disclaimer: “All business reviews are written by real people and represent their own opinions”. This is an exciting new way for businesses of any size to share their customers’ reviews. Head over to our posters page and upload your PDF file; you’ll have your #SmallThanks poster in hand in no time!

Originally published at primoprint Blog.

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Hot off the Press

Everything about Print and Design

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