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… some firsthand poetry re race & racism


  • Whenever I’m in These United States, my homeland resides across the Pacific in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Whenever I’m here in Seoul, South Korea, my homeland resides across the Pacific in Those United States.
  • I can never be “at home,” since neither place will fully accept me as their own, and yet, I’ve survived. I’ve figured out a way to live in this Procrustean Nightmare, and as a double mutable, it’s as if this were the life for which I was specifically born.

On Racism (&why it must totally suck to be a White woman)

  • It’s like all of this happened when White men set off to colonize the planet and realized that their cracker White women back home were far (far) from the most beautiful women on this planet, so they (the Whites) had to figure out a way to coddle and console the egos of these cracker White women, all while the White men kept right on fuckin’ the waaaayyyy hotter “ethnics.” LOL.

Originally published at on November 1, 2021.




a time traveler’s theories

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