Monnaie de Paris x la chose

After the poetry of the Little Prince, La Monnaie de Paris and the “bad boy of fashion” Jean Paul Gaultier invite us to discover France like never before, thanks to a modern and remarkable campaign orchestrated by la chose group !
This new series of collectible coins is born from the encounter of two wonderful creative worlds: fashion and the workshops of the Monnaie de Paris. Sparking with humor and the love of France’s regions, this collection — dubbed «France by Jean Paul Gaultier» — will attract a broad and savvy audience beginning March 20th 2017.
24 sites and 24 figures for 24 coins immortalized in precious metal !


The Monnaie de Paris delivers its message in the form of an animated film, crafted the traditional way, image by image. The film was conceived by la chose group, produced by Eddy and directed by Hugo Ramirez in collaboration with the illustrator Leïla Courtillon.

The film invites the public to experience a hot pursuit through the streets of Marseilles between Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic sailor and a corset-clad young woman. These two characters draw the spectators into an unexpected world, one that is both dreamy and contemporary.


As we all know, the success of a creative project also hinges on the soundtrack. What would Sergio Leone be without Ennio Morricone or La La Land without Justin Hurwitz ? We worked hand in hand with Spock, and waited for the first visuals in order to match the music to the style cues and story line.

The result : an original composition that accentuates the chase. The piece is modern and punchy, but also features accordion, choirs and a characteristic rhythm reminiscent of Jean Paul Gaultier’s world.

The campaign will punctuate the year in two phases : the first, honoring the initial 12 coins, will be shown on TV, in the press, digital media and internet starting March 23rd. The second phase will be rolled out in the fall.

The digital aspect of the campaign was conceived by the digital agency Supergazol /la chose. In line with the TV campaign, the digital activation is built around the France by Jean Paul Gaultier proposition, and consists of a website and a display campaign (created with Ecrans&Media). The graphic charter is deliberately slee : the objective is to showcase the breadth of La Monnaie de Paris’ products while respecting the stylistic codes typical of Jean Paul Gaultier. Access to the complete product line is immediate and the story surrounding each coin is highlighted and staged in a subtle and elegant way.

To discover the first 12 coins of the series, hurry to the participating post offices or to the Monnaie de Paris website starting March 20th.

La Monnaie de Paris has been minting coins for 1,150 years. Founded in 864 DC by Charles II, Charlemagne’s grandchild, it is the world’s oldest Manu- facture. It once again puts its expertise at the service of the general public this year with a series of coins dedicated to the world of Jean Paul Gaultier.
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