Introducing a new outstanding Villa project with Chateau La Coste

All the charm of Provence.

Pack your suitcases, Hotelcloud is heading to the South of France! We’re very glad to announce that Villa La Coste has chosen Hotelcloud to equip its 28 villas with our state-of-the-art technology.

Villa La Coste is a haven in Provence: modern, elegant and contemporary! It is the ideal place to enjoy the wine, art and architecture of the south of France. Lovers of the French art de vivre won’t find a better place to relax!

For this project, every villa is equipped with an iPhone 6+ and a TV.
From the iPhone, the Hotelcloud app provides all the info guests need during their stay. Whether they want to order in-room breakfast or book a private tour of the region suggested by Villa La Coste, the Hotelcloud app has got it covered!
But not only…
Hotelcloud has integrated the VOIP technology from Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, allowing guests to access the full hotel phone directory directly from the app and call any hotel department as well as placing external calls, while under the hotel Wifi network.
Hotelcloud has also integrated the TV remote into the app, letting guests fully control the TV from their app.

This project, powered by Hotelcloud, offers Villa La Coste’s guests a powerful and modern device that will make their stay unique.

To see the Hotelcloud technology in action at Villa La Coste, watch the video below!

Hotelcloud app — Villa La Coste
Web App:

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