Introducing our first hotel with Chromecast in-room solution

Hotelcloud is very pleased to introduce Le Roch Hotel as their first Parisian hotel equipped with the Chromecast in-room solution!

Authentic, luxurious and inspiring, Le Roch is much more than a hotel. It’s a home — a place to live! All materials, amenities and furniture have been carefully selected and crafted by Sarah Lavoine, one of the hottest interior designers today.

With 32 rooms and 5 wellness suites, Le Roch trusted Hotelcloud to combine the finest comfort and the latest technological facilities within its rooms. This unique and ambitious project is much more than an app, it allows guests to get the best out of the hotel: Every room and suite is equipped with a tablet and a TV. Guests can connect their TV to the in-room tablet, display the tablet content and cast their own personal devices’ interface to the screen.

By choosing Hotelcloud, Le Roch offers guests a new vision of luxury and technology.

Hotelcloud app — The Roch Hotel & Spa
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