Throwback to our first ‘Think Out of the Box’ event about the Y generation

Our first Think Out of the Box — TOB took place on Thursday 30th June, 2016 at the Hotel Marignan Champs-Elysées, in Paris.

Topic: What does the Y generation expects from hotels during their stay?
Guest speakers:

  • Florian Savoyen — Digital Travel Trend Setter @Hotelcloud
  • Fany Fulchiron — Development manager @VOD Factory

Around 40 people attended this event to decrypt this generation — their main characteristics, their relationship with the travel industry and how hotels can meet their expectations.

What did we learn at this event?
The Y Gen or millennials (people from 18 to 34 years) are definitely an important population: 1st generation in the US with 83 millions people and 1st generation to come in France (by 2020)

Their characteristics: always connected, essentially on their mobile, they use social networks to share but also consult information. They expect a balance between career and personal life and disrupt the business world’s framework. Last but not least, they are looking for EXPERIENCE and travel has become one of their priorities to find it.

These are the 5 realities that stand out from our research about the Y generation when traveling.
They are:

  • ready to purchase
  • connected before, during and after their stay
  • social creatures (both online and offline)
  • looking for emotions
  • looking for “something more” in hotels

To answer these realities, Florian adressed the audience by sharing insights and recommendations according to Hotelcloud’s expertise.
These are the 3 aspects hotels need to focus on:

  • Offer a “human” experience to guests straight from the check-in (personalized welcome, concrete recommendations and advices)
  • Ensure the connectivity of their establishments (offering: Wi-Fi connection, digital communication tools between host and guests, digital services to be ordered and paid…)
  • Reshape their hotels and turn them into a “place to live” (in-room, in the hotel’s lobby or bar, in the city)
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