Introducing Hotels Near The Metro

Smart Use of the Subway/Metro System is Key To Making The Most of a City.

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The world is on the move. With increasing connectivity and decreasing flights prices it’s easier than ever to just pick up your things and go away. From weekend micro-trips to digital nomads living and working on the road for months, travel is on the rise and we are always in the pursuit of making it easier and more affordable.

In many large cities today traffic is terrible and taxis are expensive. This means that smart use of the subway/metro system key to making the most of a city. In places like London or New York it’s often faster to take the subway than to take a taxi.

Wouldn’t it be great to stay in a hotel that gives you easy access to different parts of the city? Wouldn’t it be great if your hotel was near a subway station with a direct link to the airport? Until now there wasn’t any easy way to find one.

Inspired by this problem, we set out on a mission to make it easier for travelers like us to find great hotels close to subway stations worldwide. The result was Hotels Near The Metro. Our site was founded with a simple goal — to make traveling easier and more affordable.

How Does It Work?

We show you hotels located near metro stations worldwide. That way, you don’t have to open maps, cross-check sites, or worry about travel routes. You will already know your hotel is located centrally and within metro access.

Simply type in the name of the city that you are traveling to and hit the search button. A list of hotels will pop up, each with the name and distance of the nearest subway station, the rating of the hotel and the lowest cost.

Our site also lets you know which metro lines serve each station. You can also see which ones travel to the airport. That way, you can hop off the plane and go directly to your hotel — quickly and easily. Our service is available in more than 120 cities from Los Angeles to Tokyo and growing.

Encourages Responsible Travel

Exploring the planet does not have to harm it. We believe in leaving a positive imprint on those communities that we visit. We are taking a stand for what we believe in, which is why we encourage you to do the same. Stay near the metro and reduce the need for polluting and traffic adding taxis and Ubers.

The World is Waiting

We believe that travel should be easy and affordable. Instead of leaving you feeling frustrated, exploring should feel fun and relaxed. That is why our website exists. Go to our homepage, search your location and find a hotel that is affordable and within easy reach of the metro station. Then, get out there and discover something to love.





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Hotels Near The Metro

Hotels Near The Metro

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