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I’m not sure if it is stress or the warming weather that has my hot flashes creeping back into my daily life. Whatever the cause, I’m not excited about it! I had thought they were winding down, or that I had found the right combination of treatments to combat them. Maybe not so much. Guess that’s how it is with these hormone-related conditions, right? Whether we’re in puberty or menopause, our own body can really feel out of control, right?

If you are suffering with me, my condolences. We will get through menopause. Women do it all the time. I’m told life is bright and sunny on the other side. :)

I just have one article to share this week.

Are the Quarantines Good for Our Teenage Daughters?

My 15-year-old daughter is thriving personally and academically under quarantine, and she’s not the only one. What is it about school that causes our daughters so much anxiety and are they better off at home?

Have a safe week! Here’s a fun song/YouTube video from PubChoir that was not recorded as a result of Covid-19, but is especially appropriate at this time. I find it really inspirational: We’re All In This Together

Dakota Duncan

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Dakota Duncan

Dakota Duncan


I’m an animal lover, a new RVer, and an author. I’m writing mostly humor these days because we all need it. Info about my books: