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A soul experience at Luz Houses

Marie Martens
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4 min readNov 10, 2020


In 2015, Miguel and Patricia left Portugal for a job in Ireland because that was ‘the right step to take’ but little did they know that money and stability would not be the ingredients of their happiness. Looking for a new purpose, they quit their jobs after 2 years to follow their true heart’s desire. They sold everything and took a year-long trip through Asia, Europe, and Africa. While focussing on their personal growth, they learned to connect with other cultures, and support projects that brought them value. They felt a responsibility to change their lives and to empower others to do the same. So purpose, sustainability, and community became the essence of everything they do.

The creative duo (@patriciaandmiguel) creates content from the heart, capture raw moments and tells stories through beautiful thoughtful imagery.

Because of COVID-19, they have been taking some time to explore their own backyard in Portugal.

Luz Charming houses in Portugal

Luz Charming Houses is one of the leading sustainable hotels in Portugal and it is setting an example for many others, as it also encourages their guests to make green choices.

Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the small village is hidden in a mystical forest. Luz Houses is the result of sweet love and the desire to build a special and unique place.

They used ecological materials in the construction, have an efficiency energy badge, and also value community by using only local products from the region. It is worth mention that besides having a green key award, Luz Charming Houses was recommended by National Geographic as one of the most sustainable properties in the world and recently won the world luxury hotels awards as a luxury boutique retreat.

The partnership

Patricia and Miguel created multiple Instagram posts, Instagram stories, a set of high-resolution pictures, and a blogpost in return for a stay at Luz Houses. They have an audience of 70k+followers on Instagram. The social media posts received over 12.500 likes and 700 comments.

Their audience is mainly situated in Portugal and the United States and is between 25 and 34 years old.

One of our favourite things about this magical place is the fact that you can be in deep contact with nature, literally. As soon as you step out of your room door you are surrounded by a beautiful rustic garden where you can go for meditative walks and find your inner light, especially when you spend your days stressing at work. When you finish your walk there is an swimming pool that is by far the best spot to enjoy the sunset and have some relaxing time.

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