Hotspot v2: what’s new?

Sébastien Couix
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3 min readMay 20, 2022


New homepage for hotspot

The last few years have been challenging.
The following will be passionate. must evolve with its partners and adapt its tool.
We have relied on your feedback to give you the platform’s major new features for 2022.

Not only hotels, but hosts.

We have reviewed our approach, and no longer focus our communication on hotels alone. Our product is now addressed to all hosts, whether B&B, resort, villas, castles, etc.

The important thing is to share premium and unique moment values.

Premium & more.

Hotspot must be legitimate and always provide more quality for influencers and hosts. This requires a global review of the criteria for joining the platform.

These criteria are not fixed and allow everyone, all over the world, to continue to register for free.

A small, engaged community is as relevant as a large, established community.

It is also important for them that the influencer shares values ​​of openness, positivity and sharing. We therefore appreciate influencers who know how to highlight the places in which they stay.

In the same way, we are more careful that partner hosts have a digital strategy already defined. As influencers come to share a unique experience, it must be felt in the DNA of the place.

In summary, a non-exhaustive list of the criteria on which we are more demanding:
- influencers: engagement rate, values, nature of content, theme
- hosts: global digital strategy, communication, extraordinary places

We have contacted some of our members that we have identified to provide them with areas for improvement. Thus, the number of subscribers has dropped drastically, but has added relevance to our tool.

We estimate that around 5% of applications are accepted by our moderation team.

Premium & free.

Our priority is to create links and see great experiences take shape.
We required a financial effort from the outset from our hotel partners to use our tool and, despite a trial period, many were frustrated at not being able to conclude a collaboration before the end of the trial period.

We wanted to make it fairer.
All verified members, influencers and hosts, can now register for free and make full use of our tool, without restriction. 100%. All the time.

A commission on the value of the collaboration will then be invoiced to the host, based only on successful collaborations. Never before.

For example, an influencer is invited to spend two nights in a place in France with breakfast, transport included.
- The face value of one night with breakfast is $350.
- Plane tickets + taxi are valued at $500.
- The collaboration is therefore valued at $1,200.
- Our commission charged to the hotel is a part of this sum.

Are you the marketing manager of an accommodation and you don’t have time to manage your influence strategy? now offers an optional monthly subscription so that we take care of setting up collaborations based on your places and periods of availability. After validation, we manage the contact and the contract with the influencer, as well as the proper publication of the assets, against 15% of the value of the collaboration. The commission is therefore reduced compared to the commission without subscription.

Premium & better.

Premium collaborations do not prevent environmental and societal awareness, which passes through involved partners who know how to transmit messages to their community.

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated this feeling. now offers a “label” to identify influencers and hosts who claim a virtuous approach to influence and travel: slow tourism, local travel, eco-responsible or positive energy places, places of inclusion, etc. .

This label is present in the search for hosts and influencers.
It is free for everyone. At this time, we assign it on a case-by-case basis.

To support the approach of our members in a more responsible world, is committed to ensuring that 20% of its commission from collaborations between influencers and hosts will be donated to associations that promote this dynamic for the planet.

Each year, our members will be able to vote for the associations they want to support.

We are so excited to experience this together.

Take care.



Sébastien Couix