Italy’s Best Kept Secret: Gelato travel X Casa San Gabriel

A Family trip to Umbria

Marie Martens
Jul 13 · 4 min read
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The gorgeous area of Umbria lies between the more famous areas of Italy, Tuscany (Florence) and Lazio (Rome). With its rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and Italian terrain Umbria boasts a beckoning, pastoral beauty.

After months of being stuck inside, due to COVID-19, the family behind @gelatotravel decided to pack their bags and go explore Italy’s best kept secret. The American family of five has been living abroad for 11 years since they decided to switch jobs and buy a one-way ticket to Switzerland. They run the successful blog Gelato Travel with family travel tips and advice.

Via Hotspot, the family connected with Casa San Gabriel in Umbertide. The owners, David and Chrissie, were able to realize their dream and restored an old Italian villa. Their love for Italian food, wine and la dolce far niente prompted their move to Italy more than 17 years ago. They share their passion for all things Italian from their special corner of Umbria.

Umbria is least affected by COVID-19 and as an isolated rural location, the perfect place to get away from it all.

During our stay we noticed that Italy had implemented excellent health protocols but we were able to, especially, relax in Umbria as there was hardly anyone around. — Gelato Travel

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The collaboration

Casa San Gabriel hosted Gelato Travel in return for high-quality content promoting the property and the area. These were the collaboration terms both parties agreed on:

  • 3 Instagram posts including Hotel tag
  • A minimum of 7 stories during the stay
  • A minimum of 10 high resolution pictures for promotional use
  • A blogpost published within 6 weeks after the stay
  • Tripadvisor and Google review

In return Casa San Gabriel provided:

  • A weekend retreat for 5
  • A wine tasting session

Gelato Travel went above and beyond for us, providing more photos than originally agreed and being a general pleasure to host.
- David & Chrissie, Owners Casa San Gabriel

The results

Gelato Travel shared 3 posts on their Instagram feed and multiple stories with their Instagram audience of 35.4k followers. They also wrote a blogpost on the best kept secret of Italy with an elaborate review of Casa San Gabriel and surrounding activities.

The social media posts received more than 1000 likes and 300 comments. The 20 Instagram stories were each viewed 500 times and the blogpost was read 1.000 times (so far).

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Gelato Travel’s audience is mainly situated in the United States, between 25 and 44 years old and mostly female.

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If you are looking for a relaxing experience in Italy this is the place to be. The hosts are amazing, knowledgeable, and so kind. The property is stunning, with its little rock cottages with gorgeous ivy growing up the walls. It was SO quaint, so magical and so relaxing. Our experience in Umbria was delightful and one we would like to repeat soon. — Gelato Travel

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