New Feature: Collaborations

Marie Martens
Nov 11, 2019 · 4 min read

The use of collaborations allow Hotspot and the collaboration partners to follow up on the mutually agreed terms. Collaborations provide a clear overview on the terms you’ve agreed on, help avoid endless back-and-forward messaging, give you access to ratings and help exchange deliverables when the campaign ends.

It’s what makes us different from agencies, influencer marketing software and other platforms. It provides you with every element you need to set up, manage and track successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Collaboration Contracts

You can start a collaboration proposal from every conversation in your Hotspot inbox. If you come to an agreement with a hotel or influencer, hit the ‘propose collaboration terms’ button to create a contract between both parties. In the contract you can define your collaboration terms:

  • The period of the collaboration (check-in and out date)
  • The conditions of the hotel (what the hotel offers in return)
  • The conditions of the content creator (campaign deliverables)
  • The Booking code (coming soon!)
  • Discount code or tracking link (coming soon!)

Hotels or influencers can edit the contract, accept or reject it. When proposing adjustments to the collaboration terms you can use the ‘edit contract’ feature. Both parties can propose as many changes as necessary before reaching an agreement. When both parties accept the contract, you’re ready to go! The collaboration contract is a way to have a clear overview on the terms you’ve agreed on and helps avoiding endless back-and-forward messaging.

Keep track of upcoming collaborations

In the new Collaborations tab hotels and influencers get an overview of all upcoming, completed and declined collaboration contracts. This way you can keep a clear overview of all your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns.

Rate & review

Hotspot’s number one priority is to enable professional and qualitative influencer collaborations. Reviews are an important part of the Hotspot community, as your valuable feedback helps us to maintain a high-level of quality for our service towards hotels and content creators.

All the reviews on Hotspot are written by hotels and influencers who have completed a collaboration. In addition to a written review, hotels are also asked to provide star ratings. Reviews are publicly visible on the influencer profiles.

  • Overall, how was the collaboration?
  • How well did your partner communicate before, during, and after the collaboration? Responding quickly, reliably, and frequently to messages and questions is always valued.
  • Did the influencer/hotel deliver upon your terms? Did the collaboration provide good value for you?
  • How accurately did the hotel represent the space? Or how accurately did the content creator live up to your expectations?
  • How did guests feel about the amenities and the location that were available during their stay?

Try it out in your upcoming collaborations and let us know your thoughts on this new feature. Hope you like it!

Exchange Deliverables

Influencers can add the deliverables of the campaign to the collaboration page. Just paste the link of any social media post (Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok,…) or website (Blogpost, Tripadvisor,…). You can also add the url of a Google Drive shared folder, in case you want to share more footage with your hotel partner.

Deliverables added to the collaboration pages will be by default publicly visible on the influencer’s profile page for other hotels to see.

We can’t wait for you to try out Collaborations! Let us know what you think or how we can make it better in any way.

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