Sick of the NFL? These 28 States Don’t Even Have a Professional Football Team

It’s time to move, again.

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We’re eight weeks into football. While most are concerned if our players are kneeling or not, we here at The Hot Take want to move forward and focus on the 28 states that don’t even have professional football teams.

That’s right. More than half of the states in the United States of America don’t have a football team.

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So if kneeling or not kneeling offends you, maybe it’s time to move to one of these 28 states that are so progressive and so ahead of the curve that they don’t even have a football team. Here they are in alphabetical order:


Alabama, heard of it?

Pecans might be this state’s official nut, but we think this state is nuts to not have an official football team.

This is Alaska.

In this state you legally cannot push a live moose out of a moving airplane, you also can’t cheer for their football team, because they don’t have one.



Sure, Diamonds were first discovered in Arkansas, guess they never got around to discovering FOOTBALL.



Connecticut’s official state nickname is the Constitution state, but they never made football official.


Delaware is also a state.

In 2015, Delaware had the fastest internet speed in the country. They also could technically say they have the fastest football team in the country, since they don’t have one.


We swear we didn’t draw this.

Hawaii may be the only state that grows coffee, but they never grew a professional football team.



In Idaho it is illegal to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. This state is also not in the NFL.


Is the state where Ozzy Osbourne bit off the head of a live bat onstage. But Iowa never won the Super Bowl because this state isn’t in the NFL.


Not to be confused with Arkansas.

Scientists proved this state is flatter than a pancake, you’d think that would make it a perfect state for a football team…


They have fried chicken here.

The happy birthday song originated here, but no professional football teams.


Maine here.

Maine is the only state in the United States whose name has one syllable. NFL has three syllables.


Bet you know how to spell this state.

Root beer was invented here, but no football teams.



The first woman to ever serve congress was Jeannette Rankin, a Montana representative. She wasn’t a fan of Montana’s football team, because they don’t have one.



Kool-Aid was invented here, and it’s not “kool” they don’t have a football team.


The state where Vegas is.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this state is still not in the NFL. (And yes, we know the Raiders are moving but this is 2017, not 2020.)

New Hampshire

NH for short.

Jumanji was filmed here, but no NFL here.

New Mexico

Not Mexico.

Smokey Bear (not Smokey THE Bear) is from New Mexico, but no professional football teams are from here.

North Dakota

There’s also a South Dakota.

In 1987 this state passed a bill that made English the official state language. But no bills were passed about having a football team.


This state has a musical.

The world’s first parking meter was installed in this state, but they have yet to install a football team.


The state with the trail!

It’s state flag is the only one in the country to have two sides. There’s a beaver on the back. But this state still doesn’t have a football team.

Rhode Island

This graphic is big, but this state is actually small!

Was the last of the original thirteen colonies to become a state, but not the last state to not be in the NFL.

South Carolina

This is a state.

The first battle of the Civil War was fought in this state, but this state doesn’t have a football team.

South Dakota

People live here!

Mount Rushmore is here, but a football team isn’t.



Has the highest rated porn subscription in the country, but no football team. Who needs football when you have porn?



Ben & Jerry’s is from this state, and so is Bernie Sanders. But no NFL team is from here.



This state was named after England's "Virgin Queen," Elizabeth I. This is state is also a virgin to having a national football team.

West Virginia

A state, not a chicken.

The median age of this state is 40. Maybe that’s why they don’t have a football team?



This state has the lowest population in the country, maybe joining the NFL could help that?

So if you don’t like your athletes kneeling, maybe move to one of these states, because they’re not in the NFL.

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