Fucked in a Restaurant Restroom

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I glance at my date as we have dinner. Damn, the places where I want his mouth. He looks up from the plate in front of him and smiles.
I smile back, wondering if he knows what I’m thinking, or if he’s thinking the same. Maybe he’s thinking about what happened in his car. Or maybe he’s just thinking about how good his steak is.
Whatever. I don’t really care.
Running my feet up his leg, I rest it against his crotch, watching as he jumps on his chair, surprised. I give him an innocent look, at the same time I move my feet, pressing harder against his cock, and feeling it twitch through his pants.
The rest of the dinner is a blur in my mind, as I keep teasing him under the table, until he stops me with an expression that tells me that if I keep it up, he’ll end up coming in his pants.
“I’m saving it for you,” he whispers with a devilish look.
“Good,” I tell him. “But I think I need it right now.”
He looks at me surprised as I stand and nod towards the restrooms before walking there. I don’t need to look to make sure he’s following me. I can feel him almost tripping over his feet, trying to reach me without getting noticed.
As soon as I enter the restroom, I turn to see him right behind me, and pull him inside, before slamming the door shut, and locking it.
I push him to the door as I fall to m knees, unzipping his pants, and freeing his hard cock. I stroke it with my right hand while I cup his balls with the other one, hearing him moan and groan in pleasure. Leaning forward, I take him in my mouth, sucking, and trying to get him inside as deep as I can, until he’s pressing the back of my throat.
I move my head up and down his cock, until I’m gagging. He reaches for my head, keeping me in place as he takes charge, moving his hips, until my eyes become watery and I’m having trouble breathing.
He let go of me, and I gasp for air as he pulls me to my feet by the arm. Without giving me time to react, he pushes me over the sink, lifting my dress, and slaps my butt, making me whimper, the mix of pleasure and pain making me desperate to feel him inside me.
I’m not wearing panties, as I always know what I want from my dates, and this makes things easier.
Holding me by the hips, he thrusts inside me, filling me with a single movement, making me moan loudly.
“Shh, you want people to hear us?” He asks as he stars moving in and out of me.
“Maybe they get jealous,” I reply between moans.
Our eyes lock in the mirror in front of me, and I see that he likes that idea as much as I do.
Reaching between my legs, I caress my clit in a circular motion, until the waves of pleasure take over me, and a strangled scream escapes my lips.
He keeps moving in and out of me, speeding his rhythm while my pussy clenches around his cock, taking him after me to the edge.
He roars as he slams into me one last time, and spills his seed inside me.
He stays inside me for a couple of minutes after that, both of us breathing hard. Finally he moves away from me, and I feel his cum starting to drip out of my pussy.
I wash my hands and face, trying to recompose myself after that orgasm, while he watches me carefully after rearranging his clothes.
“What now?”
I shrug. “Now you take me home.”
He nods, looking disappointed, and I realize that he misunderstood me. He thinks he’s taking me home and leaving, but that’s not what I have planned. No. Before he can leave my life for good, I want him to fuck me in my marital bed.

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Dixie Hard

Dixie Hard

I write erotic shorts about hotwifes and the men who have the chance to love them.