It’s Okay to Trust All the Feels

“Why is trusting your gut so powerful? Because your gut has been cataloging a whole lot of information for as long as you’ve been alive.” — Liz Funk

We recently met with a local non-profit about creating a new identity for the organization. Less than an hour into the meeting, we had a defined vision. One day later, we had a completely finished logo and identity. We didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of time hemming and hawing and researching and analyzing. We simply had a gut feeling—and we trusted it.

I realize these “ah-ha” moments don’t happen on every project and with every client. But I do think gut feelings occur more often than not. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen to or trust them. The result is a swirl of second guessing that can easily lead to rabbit trails and spinning wheels.

It doesn’t take long before you find yourself spending days or weeks or months dwelling, concepting, sketching and iterating a design, copy, etc. Sometimes it’s needed. But often it creates unnecessary work.

Liz Funk identifies four different ways to conserve mental energy and avoid overthinking your next move:

  1. Carve out time to reflect.
  2. Give yourself constraints.
  3. Be aware of your feelings.
  4. List every time your gut instinct served you.

Still not ready to trust your gut? Maybe House’s own Kate Ferrara will change your mind:

“Clients come to us because our brains are different; we process information and retain information in a certain way. Because of this, our LIVES are the damn research. Everything I have seen, read, used or created up until this moment influences the current project I am working on. Sometimes what my gut is saying just doesn’t jive with the research, and I don’t believe that means I shouldn’t try it.”

Read Kate’s full post on intuition and design here.

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