Stop, Intuition Time.

Kate on Tap No. 2

Kate Ferrara
Feb 16, 2016 · 3 min read

This post best read while drinking a Tito’s & Soda—cus you want a beer, but your gut is telling you to cool it.

I recently came across an article on Intuition Factors. It was one of the few things I’ve read about the importance of intuition in design. I am a huge (and quite vocal) supporter of intuition in UX and UI so I was, of course, like, hell yes.

“There is always a point in the decision making process where the designer must consider using data or educated estimations when designing software.” — Alex Shirazi

Let me preface by saying I greatly respect the research phase of any project. If it didn’t exist, we would just be running amok designing whatever we wanted which would be AWESOME, but ridiculous.

But remember how we are the experts? Remember how people hire us because we offer something they themselves cannot do. Clients come to us because our brains are different; we process information and retain information in a certain way. Because of this, our LIVES are the damn research. Everything I have seen, read, used or created up until this moment influences the current project I am working on. Sometimes what my gut is saying just doesn’t jive with the research, and I don’t believe that means I shouldn’t try it.

I like to think of my mind as a slot machine. When I read the brief for a project, my mind immediately starts spinning through combinations based on what I already know. After that, all of the research that is found is, in my mind, just being cross-referenced against what I already thought. Sometimes I am wrong, but you would be surprised how often things line up.

I think this is why the idea of the small team approach is so successful. The two or three people on the team work together on the project from the very beginning. The idea of process and departmentalization breaks down. Research and strategy never fully ends. Everyone’s experience and intuition are in play from day one. Not only are projects better, but they are finished faster.

You should be sitting down because I’m gonna say the damn thing: sometimes, I think heavy research and process can hinder the creative and innovation (I HATE that word, but it gets the point across). I SAID IT. The idea of someone saying “well this is what they know, so we should try and stick with it” makes me want to puke. You don’t want to give people heart attacks, but our job is to solve problems in a way that helps and helps in a way that moves people forward.

So move the damn people forward.

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House Built

Musings of a cross-disciplinary studio leveraging intuition…

House Built

Musings of a cross-disciplinary studio leveraging intuition and design to build foundations. A division of Andculture.

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House Built

Musings of a cross-disciplinary studio leveraging intuition and design to build foundations. A division of Andculture.